Back in 2019/early 2020, QR Codes were on the way out, before actually taking a proper foothold within the realms of traditional and online marketing and advertising. QR Codes had been around since 1994, yet in the regular world, had a slow uptake in usage and implementation.

No one grasped the concept of using QR Codes, until …

Two years since COVID-19 hit, QR Codes are now normal and have become common place and everyone knows what they do and how to use them. Most people have a smart phone now-days and thanks to in-built camera updates there’s no need to download an extra app like you used to in order to scan a QR Code.

This got us thinking. “How can we use QR Codes in an interesting and fun way?”. Keep reading below, to find out how we’ve turned the boring old black and white QR Code into a tool which will engage more people to visit our website and hopefully get them on board to explore more options for their business.

What is a QR code? Well, if you’re still not sure, its name is short for ‘Quick Response’ and is a matrix style barcode of sorts which is unique for the purpose it was created for. You scan the code with your phone and instantly you’re transported to a website or page that either provides information or allows you to interact with the owner of the QR Code.

They’ve come a long way. The barcodes that everyone has become used to are usually the standard black code on a white background with no description, other than on the billboard, flyer or signage that it’s placed on. It’s hard to tell just by looking at the standard QR Code alone where it’s going to take you or who made it.

Standard QR Code - black and white

Standard QR Code – black and white

Traditional Black & White QR Code

You can get creative with your QR Codes. Being the creative people that we are, we discovered a way to make our QR Codes more interesting, highly customised and extremely targeted. If anything, we’ve used technology that’s become common place for boring and laborious purposes to stimulate an engagement with new people we meet as well as our existing clients. We’ve found a way to merge traditional marketing and advertising with new, innovative approaches to engage our clients.

People want to know who you are; to get to know you somewhat, not only what you do and how you can help them. Which is why I created a personal profile page on our website which showcases my vision for the business and provides some details about me that people wouldn’t ordinarily know straight way. This approach could work for your business, products, team members or any other use you can think of.

James Demetrie profile QR Code - DISKMAN

James Demetrie profile QR Code – DISKMAN

My profile QR Code

Features and benefits. There’s plenty of them. And probably more.

  • Implement traditional marketing with new age technology.

  • Keep your details up to date via your ‘digital business card’ page.

  • Match your branding on your QR Code.

  • Be more descriptive on the QR Code so it’s a bit more obvious as to what’s going load before they scan.

  • A different QR code for every need.

  • Save money and the environment, print less. Or don’t print at all.

  • Interesting talking point to break the ice.

  • Forget your business cards? Share your phone wallpaper.

Here’s how I implemented my profile QR Code. The purpose for my QR Code was to create a digital business card that I could provide more information that would fit onto a standard business card. It has my mission statement, contact details and some fun/quirky personal details about me plus my vCard and social media links. It also encompasses all the regular header and footer links from our website. So a person who scans my QR Code can immediately jump from my personal profile over to any page within our website.

If you’re viewing this on your computer, scan my colour QR Code and see how it works. Or click here to see my profile landing page if you’re viewing off your phone.

James Demetrie business cards with QR Code

My new business cards with QR Code on the back

James Demetrie iPhone Wallpaper with QR Code

James Demetrie iPhone Wallpaper with QR Code

My profile QR Code iPhone Wallpaper

What’s next?

Book yourself into an Ask Us Anything session to discuss how we can set up custom QR Codes for you.

This is a no obligation, no hard sell call. If we are the right fit for each other, great. If not, no hard feelings.

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