Maintenance is a key component for your website to perform at its best

Keeping your website up to date is important for security, reliability and performance

WordPress Maintenance Services are an important facet to running a web site. Just like a car, your web site needs regular servicing to stay in tiptop shape. You wouldn’t drive your car around for months or years without servicing it.. right? Same goes for your web site.

Most of our clients have a Content Management System (CMS) website like WordPress that allows them to manage part or all of their web site themselves.

There are times however where we need to assist in areas like graphic design or photo manipulation and other items which the client can’t or doesn’t have time to handle on their own. We can do it for you!

This is when you should look into a DISKMANdotNet WordPress maintenance services plan. We can implement ongoing monthly maintenance services and even one off per needs basis maintenance. This takes the hassle and worry out of maintaining a website.

We recommend a monthly maintenance plan to ensure that your web site is running optimally and that your content has a chance of remaining fresh and up to date, whilst ensuring an economical pricing structure. Together we will discuss your web site maintenance needs and let you know which bracket any particular job will fit into.

WordPress/Plugin Maintenance

If you have a WordPress web site hosted with us, it’s imperative you keep your web site core and plugins up to date as minimum. We can assist you by adding your web site to our monitoring platform which will let us know when your site needs updating. We also set up a secondary web site firewall and keep an eye on that too.

What Monthly Maintenance Provides

  • Monitoring of your web site in order to maintain:
    • Security updates
    • WordPress and Plugin Updates
  • Our lowest hourly ($132/hr) rate for emergency fixes that we may need to perform if things go wrong

What Monthly Maintenance Does Not Provide

  • If you break your website while working on content and you need us to fix it
  • Any issues not caused by our web hosting

Pricing is just $19.00 per month^ inc GST ($228 per year paid in advance)

^ Per month option is by credit card auto-debit. Annual subscription can be via credit card or EFT

Web Site (Content/Layout) Maintenance Packages

As opposed to WordPress and Plugin maintenance, there’s also your content and layout that you might want to keep on top of/updated. In this instance, if you need us to help you on an ad-hoc basis, we usually charge a minimum of half an hour at the rate of $176/hr.

However, if you have regular requirements like blog posting, product updates or similar, you might want to save time and money by pre-booking us to handle your website maintenance by locking us in ‘X’ hours per month.

By pre-booking your time with us;

  • you get a discount on the hourly rate down to $132/hr
  • you are given priority in our schedule, usually a same day or next day service
  • impromptu requests for updates to content or fixing a ‘broken’ or ‘hacked’ web site without a maintenance plan will incur our regular hourly rate
  • any extra hours required to resolve any issues will also be locked in at the lower rate

You can choose from regular monthly options (6 month minimum agreement) or on a per needs basis which is charged whenever you need help, and at the normal rate.

Ideas for website maintenance

  • Add new pages, photos, graphics etc
  • Blog/News updates
  • Shopping cart updates eg add new products, remove discontinued products, price changes
  • Search engine optimisation updates
Monthly Plan Normal Rate
1 Hour $132.00 $176.00
2 Hours $264.00 $352.00
4 Hours $528.00 $704.00
6 Hours $792.00 $1,056.00
Custom Hours POA
  • Includes Standard WordPress/Plugin Maintenance
  • Six (6) month minimum
  • Additional hours above the pre-booked hours are invoiced at the same pre-booked rate
  • Please note major web site updates need to be quoted when required and we cannot perform such at the prices indicated above
  • Unused hours per month do not carry over into the next month

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Partnership Opportunities

We partner with selected Australian Digital Agencies, Business Consultants and Creative Individuals who may be interested in adding a new dimension to their business and create additional income streams. If you become a partner, what we offer, you can resell hosting to your clients and network.