Powerful tools that make you more productive, help you work, create, organise and collaborate

Whether you run a small or large business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your personal information, devices, apps, and data are protected. Work from anywhere, on any computer, in real time in the most productive way possible.

Do you rely heavily on emails for your business?

If so, then, you need an email solution that has excellent options to keep your business running smoothly.

Microsoft 365 is the ultimate in business grade email service with the extra bells and whistles that you didn’t know you needed.

We are big fans of Microsoft 365 Business Email services as they offer generous (50gb) mailbox quotas, 1Tb of OneDrive (data) storage, and a wide range of software solutions. Our customers agree that M365 makes life easier, less maintenance intensive and far more productive.

Whether you need a new email service set up or you require your existing email service transferred from local computers to the Cloud, we have a range of M365 plans and setups to suit your needs.

So many options!

We can bundle your M365 business email services with your software, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and more.

Generous Email Quotas

50gb of mail storage means you don’t have to spend time deleting emails to make more room, and you can easily reference your historical emails from all your devices.

Stay organised

With easy to use email and calendaring services you can become more organised and efficient with your day to day work.

Share and Collaborate

M365 showcases a wide range of collaboration tools for you to share your work with your colleagues and clients. OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and more will make your work processes far more streamlined.

Work where you want

Access your emails, files and folders from anywhere in the world, on any computer, with one simple login. All your emails and files are cloud based and on your computer. You can even retrieve deleted emails/files for up to 90 days.

Secure and Reliable

Microsoft 365 Suite – Business Email Solutions

* Microsoft Services Agreement (MSA)

While not mandatory we highly recommend you engage us with an MSA. We’ll be on standby to support you, with priority and at a lower hourly rate. Ad-hoc support is invoiced at $185/hr, whereas with an MSA, your support fees are charged at $138.75/hr. Read more here.

* Migration of existing emails

The standard $92.50 onboarding fee applies if no email migration is required. If migration of any existing emails is required, we will provide you a quote after consultation. As each case is different, we cannot predict a fixed price.

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