We’re not your normal ‘run of the mill’ web hosting provider.

Our business model is a bit different.
We provide an exclusive invite-only opportunity for you to join us as a web hosting customer.

Special Offer Website Audit

Our website audits are designed to give you peace of mind that your web site is operating efficiently, reliably and securely.

We’ve been building and hosting web sites for 25 years! So we definitely know how to get it right for you. Some of our clients already enjoy that peace of mind via our monthly maintenance program which covers all of these elements.

But if you’re an existing client with no program in place, or your web site is hosted externally, then our website audit is a great tool to see where your website is at.  We’ll let you know if it needs a tweak here, or a tune up there; and indeed if everything is in order. Your report will outline our findings before we make any changes to your web site and we’ll provide you with our recommendations which includes (but not limited to) the following.

What’s included in the web site audit?

Website health check

Website security check

Website speed check

Plugin status check

Update WordPress & Plugins

WordPress sites only

Report back to you

Once we get your report back to you; you will know where your web site is at. We’ll make our recommendations which you have absolutely no obligation to follow through with, but if you are interested we can make a plan to carry out whatever you choose us to help you with. We will update your WordPress core and plugins as promised but only after we get the report back to you.

We may ask you for your hosting and web site login details, especially if you’re web site and hosting is not with DISKMANdotNet so don’t be alarmed if we request these details from you.

What’s next?

Book yourself into an Ask Us Anything session

This is a no obligation, no hard sell call. If we are the right fit for each other, great. If not, no hard feelings.

DISKMANdotNet consultations - Ask Us Anything

Partnership Opportunities

We partner with selected Australian Digital Agencies, Business Consultants and Creative Individuals who may be interested in adding a new dimension to their business and create additional income streams. If you become a partner, what we offer, you can resell hosting to your clients and network.