You may not be aware, but Google is constantly revising the way your web site is indexed and displayed in results of the millions of daily searches conducted in their search engine every day.

Google will soon be giving a boost to mobile friendly web sites and if your web site isn’t compatible with mobile devices, chances are you’re going to be displayed lower in the results than your competitors.  When ranking your web site, Google will take into consideration a number of factors, with one of the most important elements being how flexible your content delivery is.

Recently, we have been bombarded by Google in our Web Master Tools account with advice as to how better optimise our clients’ web sites to make them more search engine friendly.  Google must be serious about this new algorithm, as they are giving us plenty of ‘warning’.  But not only that, it’s just common sense, that in this era of the World Wide Web, with the market flooded with tablet devices, mobile phones with massive screens and in general our habits of using the internet while on the go is on the increase rapidly.  So regardless of how Google is ranking your content if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then the audience to your web site might have a detrimental experience in comparison to viewing a competing business’ web site.

First impressions can only be made once – right?  If you agree with this statement then it might be remise to ignore the changing trends.  It’s time to seriously look at your web site and make sure every site visitor, regardless of device they are viewing on gets the best possible experience.

Google has given the date of 21st April 2015 as the date when this new algorithm will be implemented.  They say that there will be a ‘significant impact’ on search results world wide.  So if you think you can wait a few months or until next year before you make a move on this, you need to rapidly revise your thinking.  The time to act is now!

Start by checking your web site with the Google’s Mobile-Friendly test tool, if you get a green message “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.” then all is well and you shouldn’t need to worry too much about further customisation.  However if your results are less than perfect or you get the red message “Not mobile-friendly“, then you should contact us for a no obligation free consultation.  We can help you bring your web site into the mobile friendly world and even give your site a new coat of paint.

See some of our recent portfolio for examples of the WordPress mobile friendly web sites we’ve built.