Just a quick note to express our gratitude to James and the DISKMANdotNet team for the  work, advice and attention to detail in making our web site work for us as an invaluable resource since our inception in 2003.  Your fast consultative approach is always of great help in assisting our decision processes regarding a number of topics over the years.  The DISKMANdotNet team have provided professional advice and service that I assumed was the industry standard; only to find that this is not the case as when I foolishly tested the water elsewhere on a side project only to discover that although many that claimed to be just as good, were in fact terrible.

James and Lena are some of the nicest, unassuming people I know and have helped me and many others for years, sometimes to the detriment to themselves!   I am indebted to them and I could never repay all the assistance they’ve provided me over the years.

I am very happy to confirm DISKMANdotNet’s attention to our needs, timing and budget over the now 12 years continue to this day and will no doubt into the future and so I highly recommend James and the team at DISKMANdotNet to anyone looking for a great web partner.

We have consumed copious amounts of coffee, some better than others and even had the odd lunch over the years and the line between business and friendship has become somewhat blurred; I look forward to the days when we as old men can sit back and say, “what a ride that was!”.

Andrew Booth – Director

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