I recently stumbled upon a web tool which allowed me to research the ever changing face of DISKMANdotNet’s web sites, unfortunately the history only goes back to 2001.  It’s actually quite enlightening to realise that what goes on the internet pretty much stays on the internet!  This time however for good cause.

It is an amazing reflection after being in business for 20 years to see the evolution of our business in such graphic detail.  The Internet sure has come a long way, so too has DISKMANdotNet and so has the look of our web site and online presence. Please browse through the screen shots below and see how it’s all evolved into what you see today.

Click the images to open in a larger window.

May 2001

April 2002

June 2005

December 2005

Digital Christmas Card 2005

December 2006

December 2007

December 2008

December 2009

December 2011

June 2015

September 2018
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