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So, emails ARE  really important for your business?

Great! And you’ve read up on the jam packed features and benefits of Microsoft 365 Business email solutions? If not why not check it out now?

If you’re good to go, then, it’s time to choose how many and what kind of licences you require for your business. You can choose a mix of the licenses shown below. For example you can order 2x M365 Business Standard and 3x M365 Business Basic or whatever combination that suits you.

It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions as well. Microsoft is very generous with the features and benefits provided, but they want to know if you’re agreeing to monthly or annual pricing. We cannot be responsible for your change of mind once an order is placed. So please do not simply order any product licences if you don’t have all the information to know what choice to make. If you haven’t had a consultation with us yet, and you are not sure, please book in with us for an obligation free consultation using the Ask Us Anything link below.

Microsoft NCE Licensing

Microsoft has updated their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to continue to adapt to the changing needs of their customers and partners. Microsoft maintains their goal to reduce complexities and costs while maintaining flexibility for growing organisations within the CSP program. Part of this goal is achieved in the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for commercial seat-based offers on Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform.

Option 1: Yearly Subscription

Determine the number of set users you will need throughout the entire year. Once the annual subscription is finalised, customers will be able to purchase additional licenses at a later date, but will be unable to decrease licenses until the annual contract is up for renewal.

Option 2: Month by Month Subscription

Start a new subscription or keep the same monthly subscription model you currently have, which includes the option to increase or decrease users at any time. This option comes at a premium license cost of 20% higher than standard licenses.

Option 3: Hybrid Subscription

This option allows you to purchase licenses at both the annual and flexible subscription. Lock in a lower rate for those users you know you’ll need for the entire year and have the flexibility to add or remove users who won’t need access to your systems long-term. This is an ideal choice for any customers who have an increase or decrease in users for a short period of time.

Microsoft 365 Business Email Order Form

What’s next?

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