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DISKMANdotNet is reaching out to selected Australian Digital agencies, Business Consultants and Creative Individuals who may be interested in adding a new dimension to their business by becoming web hosting reseller partners.

If you:

  • understand you’re not in this alone
  • match our ethos of ‘doing it right the first time’
  • could work with fun, energetic and enthusiastic nerds

And you want to:

  • expand your business offerings
  • provide more options for your clients
  • make your business more profitable

Then, we can help you with that; we’ve been doing this for 25 years and have the formula to add value to your business.

We have the:

  • internet products (domain names, web hosting, etc etc)
  • expertise in these fields
  • ability to support you (and ultimately your clients)

You don’t have to worry about hiring any techies or learn anything new because we take away that stress; we’ll be your Internal support team helping you get up and going, address any technical concerns, even provide tips and tricks on how to become an effective and profitable reseller.

The DISKMANdotNet core digital services portfolio comprises of Web Hosting, Domain Names, Cloud Services like Office 365 and SSL Certificates. However, we can offer much more such as web design and construction, SEO, SEM and other services which help make up your clients’ online presence. So you can continue doing what you do best, while you get us to fill in the gaps in the other areas.

Let us do the heavy lifting in the background while you make an ‘extra buck’ and being your clients’ “one-stop-shop” for their online solutions.

You just get to look good in front of your clients; you become the hero!

Benefits of being a DISKMANdotNet Reseller partner

You can enjoy the following fantastic benefits as soon as you refer 1 or more web hosting customers to us:

  • Expand your business offering (whatever we offer, you can offer to your clients)
  • Our support and back up (we support you, and you support your clients – so you are the face of it all!)
  • 25% off all domain name and web hosting packages
  • 25% off all web design & construction packages
  • Free web hosting (up to 2gb plan) for your business if you maintain 5 or more web hosting customers with us
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