Having an attractive website is great. But knowing exactly how it’s performing online is crucial.

Do you know how many visitors you get to your website each month?

Do you know how many of these come from search engines?

Do you know where your website ranks on Google for your keywords?

Do you know the important keywords actually are in your niche?

Regular reporting will help answer these questions, and allow you to:

  • measure the success of any strategies you have implemented so far
  • compare your online standing to that of your competitors
  • gain insight into areas you can enhance and improve
  • help influence the marketing decisions you make moving forward

Even if you think your web presence is just fine, chances are you could improve it significantly. But you won’t know until you track it!

Our advanced monitoring software will track all the important data about your website, and you will receive detailed monthly reports on the health of your online presence.

Most potential customers find products and services by searching on Google. Our software will show you exactly how you’re performing, along with ways you can improve it.

What you get:

  • your Google Analytics integrated into our monitoring software
  • your choice of up to 20 keywords tracked in our system
  • monthly reporting showing overall site visits, total monthly organic traffic, breakdown of which search engines are sending you what traffic, and a rankings summary for all your keywords including monthly movements
  • suggestions on how to improve your rankings and increase your traffic

Monthly Cost: $80+gst (normally $150+gst)

Don’t have a Google Analytics account? That’s fine, we can set one up for you!

Aren’t sure of the most important keywords for your website? No