Spam Filtering ServiceAre you sick of spam?

Is spam costing you time and money? Then you need a spam filtering service.

DISKMANdotNet MailGuard is a spam filtering service that helps to keep viruses, files and unwanted web content outside your network.

DISKMANdotNet MailGuard spam filtering service is now available to all DISKMANdotNet customers. 

MailGuard protects your email system. It is a customisable solution, set up to reflect the specific needs and nature of your business. Policies or rules are set to govern what is considered appropriate material and behaviour for your business. For around a few dollars a user each month MailGuard protects your business in three important ways:

  • By preventing email-based spam and viruses from reaching your network
  • By preventing unauthorised receipt or distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information
  • By stopping undesirable email material being distributed (such as pornographic images)

In addition, you receive detailed, easy-to-navigate reports outlining email usage across your business.

The key benefits of MailGuard Spam Filtering Service

MailGuard filters all incoming and outgoing email for your organisation 24 x 7

  • STOP EMAIL VIRUSES before entering your network with the triple protection of two global anti-virus engines and Guardian (MailGuard’s own heuristic engine that protects against UNKNOWN threats)
  • SPAMGUARD triple protection stops time wasting, expensive bandwidth consumption and unsolicited, often offensive, junk mail
  • MANAGE CONTENT in and out of your organisation and determine the messages you want to receive e.g. by individual user or by entire network, by size, or by file type (jpg, mp3, mpg etc) and more
  • INFORMATION MailGuard provides comprehensive email usage statistics and detailed reports
  • STOP EMAIL ATTACKS AND REDUCE SERVER LOAD by stopping viruses, SPAM and large attachments at the Internet before they reach your network

Proof DISKMANdotNet MailGuard Works

Spam is a constant battle on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of the Internet and is a problem even for us. Since using Mailguard as a viable solution for all of us we have been successful at reducing the amount of spam we receive by a whopping 99.55%.

Just take a look at one of our recent daily reports >> (1.5Mb opens in new window)

Additional Mailguard Options

Web Filtering – 64% of employees browse non-work related websites every day

  • Protect your business from cybercriminals: stop all viruses, malware and threats
  • Choose how your team surf the web to maximise productivity

Webguard – Is your website as secure and user-friendly as it could be?

  • Kill the virus before is spreads thanks to a regular website security report
  • No foreign content or broken links improve your SEO and your website usability

Managed Email Hosting – Secure email access from anywhere

  • on any device
  • Remove costs and headaches of managing in-house email servers
  • Powerfully collaborative with time optimising features

Ask us about these fantastic extra online options. They are easy to implement and affordable too!

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