Virtual Meeting with DISKMANdotNet

A DISKMANdotNet Virtual Meeting might be all you need to resolve an issue, figure out an idea or discuss plans for the future for your business’ or product’s web site.

Especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s even more important that we take care of ourselves while conducting business. 

Whether it’s a technical question, creative solution or problem to solve we can help.

Don’t know where to start?


What can you discuss in your virtual meeting with DISKMANdotNet?

  • starting up a new product or business and what you should do in regards to web services like domain names, web hosting, web site, social media, search engine optimisation
  • creating a secondary web site as a feeder into your main web site
  • managing your new or web site
  • updating your new or existing web site
  • web site maintenance
  • security and software updates
  • managing email spam and viruses
  • email services like Office 365 for Business
  • perhaps we can discuss a web site audit so we can help you figure out how we can enhance your site visitors?
  • maybe you’d like a service such as our Ask Us Anything service for your business/web site
  • or whatever else you can think of… it’s up to you!

During the pandemic, we are waiving the usual session fee for us to go through your idea(s), problem(s) or thoughts and figure out a potential solution for you.

Choose between a Zoom, Skype or Phone call. Hit the link below and find a time that suits both you and us.

Ask Us Anything

Note 1: Usually the fee for the virtual meeting is $88 for a 30 minute session which is credited back to any accepted quotation valued over $550

Note 2: Ask Us Anything should not be used for support. If you require support please submit a ticket or email