Web Hosting Resellers & Associates

Web Hosting Partnerships. Internet Services Fulfilment. Business Opportunities.

If you are:

  • an enterprising individual who wants to make a residual income;
  • graphic designer
  • web designer
  • SEO or SMM co-ordinator
  • accountant
  • business consultant

… then…

You should be a DISKMANdotNet Reseller/Partner

We are now offering limited partnership opportunities to build your own web hosting business within ours. By partnering up with us,  you’ll be perceived as being the expert at web hosting and you make an extra income by hosting your clients sites in the same space as you host yours.

Simply apply and get approved as a DISKMANdotNet Reseller and we’ll teach you the ropes.  If you have a flair for sales or you’re a business as described above, this opportunity will open new profitable horizons to your business.

We will help you manage your clients’ hosting accounts while staying invisible in the background.  You invoice (support) your client; we invoice (support) you. It’s as simple as that!

Benefits of being a DISKMANdotNet Reseller Partner

You will enjoy the following fantastic benefits:

  • Expand your business offering (whatever we offer, you can offer to your clients)
  • Our support and back up (we support you, and you support your clients – so you are the face of it all!)
  • 25% off all domain name and web hosting packages
  • 25% off all web design & construction packages
  • Free web hosting for your web site, once you have at least one hosted client with us (your free hosting will continue forever, as long as you maintain 1 or more hosted clients with us).
Sign up today as a reseller partner