At our discretion we may charge a fee or fees for maintenance or support jobs which you might present us with.  While we try to keep your costs to a minimum, we must charge for certain jobs in order to keep things fair for all.

Account Fees

  • Web Hosting Upgrade – $22
  • Web Hosting Package Domain Change – from $33
  • Web Hosting Suspended Account Re-Activation Fee – $22
  • Dishonoured or Declined Payment Fee – $22
  • Web Hosting Restore from Backup – $49
  • Backup of Account, Web Site, Data and/or Database – $132
  • Assistance to move a current web site to DISKMANdotNet’s hosting, or away to an alternate provider – $132 per hour (minimum 1hr)

Support Fees

  • Remote control support: $110.00 per hour
  • Support/training – Onsite (your premises): $176.00 per hour
  • Support/training – Offsite (our premises): $132.00 per hour

Creative Fees

  •  Impromptu Web Development: $176.00 per hour

Maintenance Fees

  • Impromptu  web site maintenance: $132.00 per hour
  • Pre-booked maintenance and support from $110 per month (please see our Maintenance options)

Other Fees

  • Travel time – $0.90c per kilometre round trip