You know about business, right? From the inside out and the outside in, you deliver on expertise, reliability, trust and innovation. But how do you let clients in on the secret of your – and potentially their – success if you can’t express your vision and service mantra succinctly?

It’s important to communicate clearly when attracting clients and maintaining long-standing partnerships. Liz Rogers is our creative copy consultant and she focuses on message, meaning and managing your copy with two major intents in mind:

  1. to generate constant enquiry and BUSINESS and
  2. to connect like-minded people with the aim of forging financially thriving affiliations.


Authenticity, progress and expansion are at the core Liz’s ideology. All copy is written to promote and enlighten, connect and communicate, grow and develop your business. With over 20 years’ experience in producing print and digital copy for Business and the Creative Arts, Liz offers real copy solutions that generate grass-roots longevity based reward.

Her words work hard to secure your success.


  • Web Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Hard-copy Advertising Content
  • Press Release
  • Advertorial and Editorial
  • Feature Length Article
  • Artist CV and Profiling
  • Artist Statements

Liz Rogers writes copy that speaks your language. She works collaboratively and innovatively with DISKMANdotNet to connect your business or artistic venture with its intended audience.

Spread the word with Liz and DISKMANdotNet – the creative copy consultants.

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